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There are only few people who can brag about having piloted a helicopter before but you may as well be the next one. Whether your introductory flight lesson is just a one-time "bucket list" experience or the foundation for determining if becoming a certified private pilot or even a professional career helicopter is right for you, an introductory flight lesson is a valuable and memorable experience.


Standard Introductory Flight Lesson

During this 1-hour introductory flight lesson you can experience the thrill and excitement of piloting a helicopter yourself. The lesson will start with a short ground briefing which will include the basics of helicopter flight and the use of the main flight controls. You will then walk to the helicopter, enter the cockpit, and commence the flight portion of your lesson. You will follow the checklist to start-up the engine and to spin-up the rotors. When ready for take-off you will then lift off vertically and soar through the skies. Upon completion of the airborne portion of the flight you will then systematically shut-down the helicopter following the checklist to complete your flight. You will be piloting the helicopter the entire time under the close supervision of an experienced flight instructor. In total you will be on the controls of the helicopter for approximately 30 minutes from start-up to shut-down. You will treasure this flight for the rest of your life, whether this will be a one-time adventure or the first step towards becoming a certified helicopter pilot.

$298.00 per person - 1 student; 1 or 2 relatives or friends may ride along for only $59.00 per person extra.

Extended Introductory Flight Lesson

The Extended Introductory Flight Lesson is essentially the same as the Standard Introductory Flight Lesson detailed before, but your airborne portion of the flight is twice as long.

$399.00 per person - 1 student; 1 or 2 relatives or friends may ride along for only $79.00 per person extra.

Double your Training Experience and Pay Less!

Bring a friend who also wants to experience the thrill and excitement of piloting a helicopter and each of you will go on TWO flights: during one flight you will be sitting up front piloting the helicopter while your friend is riding along in the back and during the other flight your friend is on the flight controls and you sit in the back observing the flight and the interactions between the instructor and your friend.

Being on two flights in a row - once as a pilot and once as an observer - is a very valuable experience especially if you are trying to decide if becoming a certified helicopter pilot or maybe even a professional career helicopter pilot is right for you. Additionally, each of you will be flying along as an observer FOR FREE. Thus, you save $158 on two Extended Introductory Flights or save $118 on two Standard Introductory Flights.

$298.00 per person for Standard Introductory Flight Lessons - $399.00 per person for Extended Introductory Flight Lessons; NO CHARGE for flying in each other's lessons as observers. One additional person may ride along on both flights for only $100.00 extra.


You may also want to consider one of our breathtaking sightseeing tours...


  • Gratuities are not included. A tip is usually paid in cash (5%-10%) directly to the flight instructor.


  • 300 lbs maximum weight per person.
  • 550 lbs maximum total weight for the student and up to 2 observers per flight.
  • Minimum age for student is 12 years and for observers riding along 6 years.
  • Any minor must have a consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Flights must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Flights scheduled outside of our regular business hours (before 8:30 AM or after 6:30 PM – 7 days per week) are subjects to a 20% surcharge.
  • All flight reservations require payment in full unless already prepaid (e.g. gift certificate). This payment is fully refundable if you request to cancel your flight at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight time or if we are unable to offer the flight due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Observers riding along can be added for a fee or dropped from a reservation with full refund at any time prior to the flight.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy - if you cancel your flight lesson within less than 24 hours prior to your lesson or if you don't show up for your flight lesson as scheduled, you will forfeit your payment in full.
  • We may request to reschedule due to bad weather or other safety concerns at any time prior to the scheduled flight.


  • “My Introductory Flight Lesson at Tallahassee Helicopters was a great experience that I am extremely glad I decided to participate in. The lesson started off in the classroom with basic safety instructions and a description of the helicopter's flight controls. Next, my flight instructor went over a few in-flight scenarios and how to respond correctly when at the controls of the helicopter. After the ground lesson, we headed out to the flight line. The instructor again took time to explain the workings of the helicopter in detail. He gave me a tour of the outside of the aircraft and then an overview of the workings of the engine and transmission. I then assumed my position in the front right seat of the helicopter, where my instructor and I went over the pre-flight checklist line by line in preparation for lift off. Soon after my instructor got us safely off the ground, I was given a chance to ...

  • ... take the controls. It's an amazing feeling to be at the controls of a helicopter, and my instructor guided me step by step as we flew over the city of Tallahassee. I was able to control the aircraft for the majority of the flight, before handing it back over to the instructor for a safe and smooth landing. I couldn't be happier with my Introductory Flight Lesson from Tallahassee Helicopters. It was a great learning experience that made me feel comfortable and safe in the helicopter from the moment we lifted off. I would recommend the Introductory Flight Lesson to anyone who has interest in helicopters and would like to experience the feeling of actually taking the controls of one. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to begin pursuing my private pilot's license. Tallahassee Helicopters is a top notch establishment that I would be proud to recommend to anyone.”

    Dustin Williams
    1st Lt, USAF - Unit Admissions Officer - AFROTC Det 145, FSU
  • “Hi Thomas - Thanks so much for sending the pictures. You and the Nikon D70 did a beautiful job! I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed my introductory flight lesson. Hugh kept the classroom portion very interesting without getting too far over my head. The preflight check procedure you have is very thorough and it shows in the brand new condition of the helicopter how well maintained it is. The actual flight was great! Hugh is a good pilot and I felt completely safe (I'm not sure he would say he felt all that comfortable when I was at the helm:-). It was a wonderful experience and I would certainly recommend that anyone thinking about flying lessons, or a tour should definitely go to Tallahassee Helicopters. Thanks again for the great day and the pictures.”

    Bill Nelson
    Lamont, FL
  • “I found the intro flight very informative and enjoyable, the instructor was able to teach a lot in a small amount of time and give a good intro to the fundamentals of helicopter flight, the procedures involved in flying and lastly the amazing feeling of flying. Cheers for the handbook, I'll have a good look at it. I will let you know as soon as I am able to get some time to come back and do some more training, it will hopefully be in the new year at some stage. As for a testimonial I am happy for you to quote me.”

    Jamie Howden, Naval Architect
    Mobile, AL
  • “I'd like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to fly and giving me a one-on-one experience that I'll never forget. After the introductory flight, I've realized how amazing and exceptional it is to actually fly and operate a helicopter. It's only fueled my determination in getting started with you guys as soon as possible. I am eager learn how to become a well-trained helicopter pilot and would recommend you guys to anyone interested in learning to fly either a fixed-wing or a helicopter. I'm looking forward to starting classes this summer. You'll be hearing from me very soon. Thanks again.”

    Alex St.Marie 
    Tallahassee, FL

  • "My mom gave me your flight lesson as a gift when I came down for a visit. Man, what a treat! I had no idea how much I would enjoy piloting a helicopter. Thank you sooooooo much for this wonderful experience. I think I just found my new career. I'll make an appointment to discuss your professional pilot program in more detail. Till then ..."

    Pete Walker
    Atlanta, GA

  • “It was indeed a fascinating experience to be on the controls of a helicopter. And the professional and safe flight instructor really made me feel at ease. I will never ever forget this flight.”

    Tim Mathews
    Panama City, FL
  • “I just wanted to thank you for a terrific experience! I thoroughly enjoyed my flight in the R44 Helicopter. Chase, my instructor was very through and professional but kept it fun too! The only bad thing is now ... I'm hooked! I will be back for my next lesson soon! Thanks again!”

    Doug Bailey
    Tallahassee, FL
  • “Tallahassee Helicopters made it really easy for me to get in the cockpit of a helicopter. The instructor's obvious extensive knowledge made me feel very at ease. Tallahassee Helicopters made taking the controls for the first time a fun and unforgettable experience”

    Joel Schrank
    Gainesville, FL

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